varicose veins doctor Pomona

Varicose veins result from a re-flux of blood from the deep veins into the superficial veins positioned on the floor of your skin. For the most part, they develop on your legs and toes because your upright position increases the strain on the veins of the decrease limbs. For this purpose, many sufferers with varicose veins document extra pain after status or taking walks for a long time. Menu
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Varicose veins grow to be greater vast with age due to the fact, as we grow old, our veins lose elasticity and revel in put on and tear. Due to blood swimming pools forming in weakened veins, these veins increase and grow to be varicose. Their characteristic blue or purple appearance is largely due to the de-oxygenated blood amassed in varicose veins.
Pregnancy is some other not unusual purpose of varicose veins as it increases the volume of blood inside the body, even as reducing the go with the flow of blood from legs to pelvis. Durin…